Standard Comics

Standard Comics, 1940

1940 was an excellent year for Standard Comics, with Leon Cohen’s work on Pale Hangman and Danger Man receiving whatever critical praise was available to comics at the time and publisher Al Schwarzbaum’s pioneering sponsorship programs like the decoder ring and post card coupon tie ins bringing in good revenues.

1940 also marked the launch of Standard’s second title, Crimebusters! with comics newcomer and recent Harvard grad, Eddy Collins. Under Collins’ editorial eye, Crimebusters had an easy, almost subversive, humor to it that audiences found enjoyable and the future publishers of both Mad and the National Lampoon would cite as an influence on their work.

Notable issues of Crimebusters! included #40 (publisher Schwarzbaum insisted on maintaining on starting the comic on #40 to “reassure the public that they were getting a tested and established product”), for the first appearance of “Buster” and the fundamental redesign of Coyote Jones and #41 for its iconic ‘Galvanized Gumshoe fights Robot Lincoln’ Presidents Day cover.

At the same time, More Thrills blossomed under Cohen’s editorship, bolstering its iconic Danger Man and Pale Hangman stories with new characters like Miss Mongoose and Duke Fyodor of Moldova.



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