Standard Comics

More Thrills #45

December, 1939. The Christmas Issue!

Have yourself a Very Dangerous Christmas
When Santa crashes and one of the reindeer breaks a leg, Danger Man rides in and takes its place to save Christmas. Purists note that this story’s splash page features the first ever gathering of Standard’s first super group in a Christmas picture containing Santa, Danger Man, Commander Banzai, Coyote Jones, the Galvanized Gumshoes, the Missing Link, the Crimson Mask, the Gee Whiz Kids, including Emily Brontosaurus and even the three dogs who would later be retroactively canonized as Danger Dog, Coyote Coyote & Ito.

The Golem
Commander Banzai is on his way to Jerusalem to spend Christmas with some Near Eastern friends when he’s ambushed by Thugees and forced to take refuge with a kindly Jewish family whose only wish for Christmas is to, “finally have a land that we can call our own.”

The True Meaning of X-M(AS)
The Galvanized Gumshoe investigates a series of petty thefts at Montgomery Ward only to discover that it’s the store santa stealing gifts for the local orphans.

Silent Night
Using only the lyrics of the song from which this story takes its name, this Pale Hangman story is considered one of the finest of his early years and was acknowledged by Sergio Carbonni as the inspiration for his 1974 spaghetti western of the same name.

A Crimson Carol
An English Naval Admiral has three meetings with the Crimson Mask throughout his life, culminating in his letting him go on Christmas Eve.

An Abominable Christmas
The Missing Link meets the Abominable Snowman in this heartwarming horror tale illustrated by -—— -——.

The Gee Whiz Kids meet Santa
The Gee Whiz Kids think that they’ve caught Santa, but it actually turns out to be
Ukulele Ike promoting his new holiday album.



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