Standard Comics

More Thrills #41

August, 1939.

The second issue of Standard Comics original ‘More Thrills’ anthology featured favorites from their first issue alongside new characters, some of whom would go on to become some of their best known.

1. Crime at the Steel Mill. The writing team from the original ‘Pale Hangman’ story take a rare stab at ‘The Scale of Justice’ and bring blood to an otherwise fairly pedestrian hero vs gangsters story set in an unusual location.

2. The Ghostly Horsemen The ‘Pale Hangman’ continues his supernatural western arc in a story that has him disbelieving his own undead nature even after being shot by the Horsemen’s ghost bullets.

3. He only has one love… Danger! Reckless professional daredevil, ‘Danger Man,’ interrupts his own stunt show to foil a ticket booth robbery.

4. Tales of the Crimson Mask Fifteenth century pirate ‘The Crimson Mask’ faces off against his original foe, ‘Barbarossa.’

5. Who the people? The Robot from Planet X who would become better known as the ‘Galvanized Gumshoe’ escapes from the government facility that he’s being held in and rescues a group of people from a burning building, earning his freedom and his status as a public hero.

6. THEY fear the MOON ‘Coyote Jones’ sets aside his vendetta against ‘The Eye’ to foil a bank robbery.

7. Casey Jones In a rare social turn for comics of the era, Standard Comics illustrated the IWW anthem ‘The Ballad of Casey Jones’ about a scab railwayman who dies on the line and scabs as a harpist in heaven while the angels are on strike before being sent down to hell to shovel coal for his crimes against his fellow working men.



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