Standard Comics

More Thrills #44

November, 1939. The Decoder Ring Issue!

Temple… of the Celestial Claw!
Commander Banzai uses his “oriental boxing” and “study of the inscrutable” to defeat the scimitar wielding celestial monks and stop them from summoning ‘The Cobra Goddess.’

Orientals… in the Old West!
The Pale Hangman avenges the death of a fellow railroad man by burning a coolie town to the ground.

Pirates… on Snake Island!
The Crimson Mask uncovers a thieving Snake Cult right in his secret home port! Their coded message? “Do not allow the foreigners to influence your thought.”

Into the mines… of the Jap slavers!
The Missing Link breaks up a Jap child slavery ring in exotic Borneo.

Break the Code
The Galvanized Gumshoe asks for your help to break the Celestial Claw’s code.

An Eye on the Claw
The Eye sees the Celestial Claw’s influence on his city. And he doesn’t like it.

The Gee Whiz Kids meet the Mummy
While on a special trip to see the traveling Egyptian exhibit at their local museum, the kids encounter a real life mummy! Who turns out to be Boris Karloff, spokesperson for Beechers Chewing Tobacco, just preparing for his exciting role in “Tower of London,” coming soon to a theater near you!



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