Standard Comics

More Thrills #43

October, 1939.

Can he control the beast?
Evolutionary biologist Charles Hobbe remembers his life as he recovers from having been ‘the Missing Link.’

Dead Mans Curve
After performing at a county show, ‘Danger Man’ is challenged to a motorcycle race by ‘Rueben Autrey’ and his gang, The Fifth Street Rollers that ends in a chain fight at the edge of a cliff!

An Eye for Justice
Coyote Jones solves a murder without realizing that The Eye helped him do it, earning the lifelong friendship of the victim’s son, Seamus McGowan, along the way.

On the trail of The Celestial Claw
First appearance of the questionable-fact-spouting mystic, ‘Commander Banzai.’

Justice Delayed
The Phantom Gravedigger rescues a Japanese gardener from being murdered by his wealthy employer, only to discover that the gardener had been blackmailing his employer on behalf of a shadowy organization for months prior.

The Riverboat Pirates!
The Crimson Mask appears in his third outing. This time against the title’s eponymous villains.

The Hoodoo Men
Pianist Casey and trumpeter Gabriel duel over the life of blonde torch singer Eilleen.



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