Standard Comics

More Thrills #40

July, 1939.

As was the custom of the time, Standard Comics first publication was an anthology which began with an inflated issue number to reassure both potential buyers and sellers that they were looking at an established product.

Though no complete copies of this incredibly rare volume are known to currently exist, incomplete copies have allowed us to reconstruct most of its original contents.

1. The Scale of Justice. First appearance and origin of the half saurian hero ‘Scale of Justice.’
2. Robot from Space. Introduction of the robot from Planet X who would eventually become the ‘Galvanized Gumshoe.’ First comic appearance of actual German scientist ‘Werner Von Braun.’
3. Comes a Pale Hangman. First appearance of ‘The Pale Hangman’ and the original story from which he gets his name.
4. The Phantom Gravedigger A rare straight horror story from Standard that introduced the obscure occult vigilante eventually known by the same name.
5. In his quest for knowledge, he became… The Missing Link! The story of an unnamed “Evolutionary Biologist” who, while doing research in “wildest Borneo” is attacked by marauding Japanese Imperialists and forced to put his research into practice by waging a guerilla war against them as the regressed ‘Missing Link.’
6. He Fears the Sun!. Ostensibly the origin story for ‘Coyote Jones,’ this story is also the first appearance of Standard Comics’ first recurring villain, ‘The Eye.’



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