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  • Kurt Mahler

    Austrian Kurt Mahler was one of many European immigrants hired by Standard during its earlier years. Mahler brought a distinct gothic horror tone to his work that is most associated with his work with Leon Cohen on the original run of Phantom Gravedigger.

  • Harold Digby

    Midwesterner Digby was noted for the rustic look that he brought to his work on _The Scales of Justice_, _Pale Hangman_, and _The Missing Link_.

  • Oscar Ripley

    Ripley was the first Standard artist not to come into comics from a different medium and as such he brought a more traditional superhero look to his work, especially in Crimebusters and it's long running version of _Danger Man_.

  • "Wild" Bill Cooper

    William Cooper actually got his start at Standard as a teenager doing inking and fill in work until Leon Cohen saw his sketches of Danger Man and brought him on to that title where their work together would become legendary.

  • Jacqueline Peters

    Jacqueline Peters was one of the first women comic artists. Credited as 'Jacque Peters' to skirt the sexism of the time, Peters was responsible for the defining depictions of Standard's first golden age heroines _Miss Mongoose_ and _Airess_.

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