Standard Comics

More Thrills #42

September, 1939.

1. In the Clutches of Crime Southern gothic romance comes to Standard Comics when Felicity Smudge takes a shine to the ‘Scales of Justice’ after he rescues her and a friend from the clutches of the underworld.

2. Into the Pits The ‘Pale Hangman’ has a run in with corrupt oilmen that ends with one of their deaths.

3. Against the Sea Wolves The ‘Crimson Mask’ is transferred from the golden age of piracy into World War I with no explanation so he can take German u-boats in a blatant propaganda statement against current German naval aggression against the American merchant marines.

4. Danger at 10,000 Feet! Danger Man changes plans when he and his barnstormer friend hear a police radio broadcast about a bank robbery in progress from inside their plane on the way back from a performance and realize that the bank is right below them!

5. The Shadow knows In what has been consistently rated as one of fans top ten ‘Galvanized Gumshoe’ stories ever, the Robot from Planet X gets his trademark fedora and nickname in a nuanced story that explored both the dangers of both over and under media exposure.

6. The Choice Moments before ‘Coyote Jones’ can put his master plan into action and finally take down his longtime nemesis ‘The Eye,’ he is contacted directly by ‘The Eye’ himself who gives Jones a choice, catch him or save all of his friends. Jones chooses his friends and realizes that, “he’s going to need a bigger board,” if he ever wants to beat this Grand Master.

7. Dinosaur Dilemma Standard’s publishers quickly replaced their writer’s IWW polemics with the much more kid-oriented ‘Gee Whiz Gang,’ featuring those plucky kids Becky, Tom, Huck & Amos. In their debut adventure together, an intended dinosaur prank reveals an actual friendly plesiosaur that they promptly misname ‘Emily Brontosaurus’ and hide away from their town’s pesky grown ups.



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